About Us

The Bail Project

As volunteers with the Justice for Anthony Bell redemption movement, we believe an innocent man has been wrongly convicted and sentenced to death. In an effort to shine a light on this injustice, we have launched this website seeking donations and other support services on Anthony’s behalf. See our homepage for more details.

        Although we have no direct involvement with the judicial litigation of his case, we are aware of its progress and remain very optimistic Anthony will be granted a new trial. Indeed, Anthony’s case is currently before the federal courts and we anticipate a favorable ruling. For this reason, the bail project initiative seeks to free Anthony from further incarceration pending a retrial.

        To help support Anthony prove his innocence, we invite you to be a part of this movement by providing monetary donations for lawyers, experts, investigators, and other necessary resources in advance of a future retrial. We also ask that you share our website link with others who may wish to know about the injustice of Anthony’s conviction and death sentence. You may also “Follow” and “Like” us Instagram and Facebook. We thank you for your time and help.