At Anthony Bell’s trial, the Prosecution called the State’s forensic pathologist to testify; a Dr. Gilbert Corrigan. As the East Baton Rouge Parish Coroner, he testified regarding the autopsies and causes of death of all five gunshot victims. In his testimony, he identified each victim he examined when making his determination regarding the cause of death. Simply stated, he testified that all five victims were shot at a distance and were instantly killed; all save one who died shortly after the shooting at the local hospital. None of the injuries were identified as an execution style killing.

      The most vital revelation made during trial involved circumstances surrounding Erica Bell’s death. A review of court documents cast doubt upon Anthony being the shooter of his deceased wife. Both testimony and arguments adduced at trial reveal that the State’s expert, a forensic pathologist, testified that the injury which caused death was a single gunshot wound behind Erica’s right ear while sitting in the front passenger seat of the vehicle and that such gunshot wound was made at a distance of about two feet or more. From this testimony, a reasonable juror would have had the impression that Anthony was standing outside the vehicle on the passenger side and shot Erica in the head as she turned away, leaning towards the driver’s seat area when the bullet entered her head behind the right ear.

      However, Anthony’s presentation of evidence involved an overlooked video surveillance recording from the crime scene; where the shooting occurred at the apartment complex. Representing himself, Anthony cross-examined Dr. Corrigan to make sure it was his testimony that the gunshot wound was made at a distance; meaning Anthony had to be standing outside the vehicle when he allegedly discharged the firearm at Erica Bell. When making an affirmative answer, Anthony disclosed impossibility of this occuring as video Surveillance footage from the crime scene did not show Anthony discharging a firearm at Erica Bell from outside the vehicle. [**CLICK HERE, to view video]

      Indeed, while Anthony and his wife were inside the vehicle, Erica was crying and turned to face Anthony and without warning shot herself in the head. What makes this trial a travesty of justice, is the fact that Anthony was forced to represent himself and was then simultaneously denied funding to hire his own investigators and experts. Without qualified attorneys representing Anthony, his defense lacked the persuasive effect of demonstrating his innocence to the jury. Had Anthony been represented by competent attorneys and with his own forensic pathologist, he could have demonstrated a more thorough rebuttal of Dr. Corrigan’s testimony by showing the physical impossibility of him being the shooter. In other words, the trajectory of the bullet wound and the location of where Erica was sitting in the vehicle made it impossible for Anthony to be the shooter from inside the vehicle.

      As for the gunshot residue being found on Anthony’s hand, that could have been explained away by a ballistics expert establishing when, at the church, Anthony attempted to take the 38 revolver away from his wife while he was holding their baby. Even more problematic to Anthony’s defense was the denial of time before trial to have his own fingerprint expert examine the evidence (the weapon) to determine where and if at all the exact location of his prints on the weapon. Obviously, such prints could have been left on the weapon when he grabbed it while in Erica’s hand, but the question of whether the pistol grip contained his fingerprints went unexamined or disproved. Another consideration is the fact that the .38 caliber revolver was a family weapon, often kept in the glovebox of the car. Investigators for the defense could have discovered that Erica was very familiar with shooting a handgun; that is, had competent attorneys looked into the matter. None of this was made known at the trial.

      As for the other crime victims in the case, Anthony’s untrained abilities in representing himself left the church shooting virtually unexamined by any qualified defense witness or expert. Had Anthony not been deprived of funding, he would have hired a crime scene reconstructionist. Such an expert could have demonstrated in a more clearer way what occurred during the shooting; as far as positionings of the bodies, trajectory of bullet wounds, angle and height of the shooter, and the layout of the church. Since Anthony and Erica were not of equal height, a comparison of hieghs of victims and shooter could have been determined or, at a minimum, help form the opinion of who was most likely the shooter.

      Dr. Corrigan’s testimony lacked the unbiased neutrality of a scientific mind and went unchallenged by any expert witness for the Defense. As a government employee, the Parish Coroner provided evidence on behalf of the Prosecution to help convict Anthony for crimes that, since the day of his arrest, he has maintained his innocence ~ despite what has been said about him. As explained elsewhere, the only possible credible witness to the shooting was Claudia Brown. However, although she originally claimed Anthony was the shooter, her third statement to authorities and her trial testimony reveals that she did not actually see who the shooter was.